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Stratasys under fire over Makerbot acquisition

On 20 February 2015, a lawsuit was filed against Stratasys by the City of Hollywood Police Officer’s Retirement System. Continue Reading →

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Tasman Machinery Open Day


objet 3d printer3D Printing is widely considered the “3rd Industrial Revolution”, and it’s already having a profound effects on the way products are being designed, and bought to market.

The Team at Tasman Machinery  are holding an open day and you’re invited.

The open day is a great opportunity to learn how 3D Printers are being used by an ever growing number of companies to improve innovate, bring products to market quicker, and improve processes.

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3D Printing Enables Medical Researchers To Develop Plastic Limbs

3D Printing has helped a 4-year old girl with a congenital disorder use her arms for the first time. Medical researchers at a Philadelphia Hospital developed the custom-designed robotic exoskeleton called Magic Arms, with a Stratasys Dimension 3D Printer. The apparatus has enabled the young girl to “conquer greatly limited joint mobility and underdeveloped muscles.”

3D Printed Limbs Using Stratasys Dimension 3D Printer

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Mojo 3D Printer Ensures Reliability Through New Modelling Technology

Stratasys has announced it latest product innovation – the Mojo 3D Print Pack. The Mojo 3D Print Pack boasts being the market’s cheapest, professional level, complete 3D printing system. The pack contains not just the printer, but also material and a support removal system.

Mojo Print Pack Kit
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