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ProJet 3D Printers by 3D Systems

UPDATE 15/05/2012: 3D Systems have just released two new awesome ProJet models with great new features at a much lower price! More information on the new ProJet1000 and ProJet1500 3D Printer.

Projet 3d printer

The ProJet 3D Printer by 3D systems are the latest in 3D printing technology. The machines are built around 3D Systems patented Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) technology.  This proven technology delivers market leading part quality with super fine detail .  The ProJet is not just one printer but a entire range of printers that specialise in a number of different fields. See below for a brief overview of range. Read More for the Video!!

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BMW logo

BMW Use Rapid Prototyping To Save Time And Money

BMW logoAlong with many large companies BMW are now using a number of rapid prototyping techniques for design, research and development. BMW are using the new technologies more and more in both their car manufacturing and Formula One racing teams to save time and money.

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