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Samsung Galaxy S4 3D Printed Smartphone Cases

Annex Products has been using a new flexible SLA material to 3D Printer prototypes of flexible parts similar to silicon or TPU before manufacturings the final product.


Annex products have used 3D-Printers to print a flexible prototype phone case before creating their new Quad Lock Samsung Galaxy S4 Bike Mount.

This material is not watertight, not dishwasher safe, not recyclable, and not food safe, but it’s a great material for this application because it replicates the Quad Lock’s Poncho case which will be made from TPU very nicely.


On the left is the 3d printed prototype and on the right is the first real case from the production tool (T0)

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Aussie Startup Annex Products teams up with Shapeways to 3D Print iPhone bike mount

Aussie Startup Annex Products the company behind the Quad Lock iPhone Bike Mount has teamed up with Shapeways to offer their customers a wider variety of choice with minimal capital investment.

Annex noticed an increasing number of their Quad Lock customers were inquiring about different coloured bike mounts that would better match their bikes and cycling gear.

“As much as we would love to manufacture our mounts in many different colours it just wasn’t feasible for us to mould parts in five or six different colours with a MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 2,000 units per colour” said Industrial Designer and Co Founder of Annex Products Chris Peters.

“However with the advances in materials, surface finish and reduced cost of 3D printing its looked to be a viable alternative”

Being a long time user of 3D Printing Peters ordered a bunch of samples parts from Shapeways in a variety of materials and colours. Each part was tested for fit and function and the best performing materials were selected so they could be made available for Annex customers to order directly from the Annex Products Shapeway Store.

“Shapeways allows us to manufacture a part without any of the traditional costs associated with conventional manufacturing processes. There is no tooling costs, no minimum order volumes and we don’t have to hold stock. It as close to a digital product you can get with an actual physical product. We’ll definitely be looking at ways to use 3D printed for future product developments”. 

Annex customers can now upgrade their standard Quad Lock Bike Mounts to match their bikes with a choice of 6 different colours.

3D Printered Quad Lock from Shapeways

The 3D printed bike mount collars can be purchased directly from Shapeways for $10 each ($15 for Alumide). The Quad Lock iPhone Bike Mount Kit can be purchased from www.quadlockcase.com for $69.95.

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