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This Week in 3D Printing 10 July 2015

3D Printed Guitar

Michael Tyson, of Adelaide, has created an elegant French Suits themed guitar on his UP BOX. Using the large build area he was able to construct the body of the beast in 4 lightweight sections Continue Reading →

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Samsung Galaxy S4 3D Printed Smartphone Cases

Annex Products has been using a new flexible SLA material to 3D Printer prototypes of flexible parts similar to silicon or TPU before manufacturings the final product.


Annex products have used 3D-Printers to print a flexible prototype phone case before creating their new Quad Lock Samsung Galaxy S4 Bike Mount.

This material is not watertight, not dishwasher safe, not recyclable, and not food safe, but it’s a great material for this application because it replicates the Quad Lock’s Poncho case which will be made from TPU very nicely.


On the left is the 3d printed prototype and on the right is the first real case from the production tool (T0)

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