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BotOjects release the first ever video footage of their ProDesk Colour 3D printer in action!

In an email update earlier today, BotObjects released a video showing a simple part being printed at 25 micron from PLA filament on their yet to be released ProDesk3d Colour FDM 3D printer. As you can see by the video the colour mixing is only possible in the Z axis so the “full colour” part of colour printing is not exactly that useful unless you like printing rainbows. The surface finish looks pretty good but printing at 25 microns meeans prints are going to take very very long time to finish!

More details here http://botobjects.com/latest-updates#video

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BotObjects announce details on the ProDesk3D

BotObjects today announced that they are taking pre-orders via telephone (very hi tech) for their new ProDesk3D Full colour FDM 3D printer. They also release limited specifications on the machine and some photos of parts that were printed on the machine. Still there is no actual photos or video of the machine printing so we’re still a little dubious about the machine but lets hope their not just one big scam. Judging from the photos it appears they can only do colour variation in the vertical axis which I wouldn’t really class as full color printing.

More photos after the jump.


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