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kappius hub

Cyclists use 3D Printing to bring high-performance bike parts to life with the Kappius Hub

The Kappius father and son team are in the business of developing high performance bicycle hubs. Their process was a lengthy one until they came across direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), an industrial additive manufacturing technology (3D Printing).

This has enabled them to go from “concept to bike-ready components in about month” said Kappius who has been able to tinker designs on his computer and quickly turn that into tinkering with physical prototypes.



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Desktop or Educational 3D Printers- new ProJet 1000 & 1500

Projet 1500 3d pinter 3D Systems new ProJet 1000 and ProJet 1500 3D Printer range ticks a lot of the boxes normally associated with higher end (more expensive) machines.  This new level of 3D Printers will be very popular among small design firms and the growing educational market with features such as durable parts that are tough enough for testing fit and function, and accurate enough to test snap fit applications.  Both the ProJet 1000 and ProJet 1500 offer smooth surfaced parts and excellent high resolution detail with a minimum feature size of 0.254mm and minimum vertical wall thickness of 0.64mm

For a data sheet or video of the ProJet 1000 or ProJet 1500 in action visit www.rapid3d.com.au 

See Australia most popular and affordable 3d Printer in Education

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