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This Week in 3D Printing – 30 April 2015

This week in 3D printing, meet 3D Printing Systems at Austech, how 3D printing makes honey and money, an electroplating machine, 3D printing heads to court and more. Continue Reading →

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kappius hub

Cyclists use 3D Printing to bring high-performance bike parts to life with the Kappius Hub

The Kappius father and son team are in the business of developing high performance bicycle hubs. Their process was a lengthy one until they came across direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), an industrial additive manufacturing technology (3D Printing).

This has enabled them to go from “concept to bike-ready components in about month” said Kappius who has been able to tinker designs on his computer and quickly turn that into tinkering with physical prototypes.



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The States first 3D Printing lab could be made possible thanks to Crowd Funding

Through crowd funding the the states first ever 3D printing lab is to be built at the Edge of the State Library of Queensland.  The library has already raised more then $7000 through the Crowd Funding website Pozible with a goal of $9300 set. Pozible is very similar to the american site Kickstarter but is more easily accessible to Australians.
These Crowd Funding platforms like Pozible allow for the community to pledge money to make great ideas like this one a reality. Members of the community who pledge are rewarded with tangible benefits rather then “investor” profit shares.

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3D Printing Enables Medical Researchers To Develop Plastic Limbs

3D Printing has helped a 4-year old girl with a congenital disorder use her arms for the first time. Medical researchers at a Philadelphia Hospital developed the custom-designed robotic exoskeleton called Magic Arms, with a Stratasys Dimension 3D Printer. The apparatus has enabled the young girl to “conquer greatly limited joint mobility and underdeveloped muscles.”

3D Printed Limbs Using Stratasys Dimension 3D Printer

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BFB’s new 3D Touch 3D Printer is making an impact in Australian Education

The new BFB 3D Touch from UK based company Bits from Bytes is making a big impact in the Australian education systems with Universities, Secondary schools and even Primary Schools getting in on the emerging technology.

Everyday Schools from around Australia are adopting and incorporating 3D Printing into their curriculum. This trend is only set to grow as the education sector realises the importance of teaching the student of today the tools and skills of tomorrow.

With 3D printers in the classroom student can further their skills within Design/Technology subjects. 3D Printing means studying programs like CAD (Computer Aided Design) are now more engaging as students can now physically make the widgets they design in the virtual world.

“At the University of Melbourne, 3D fabrication is being used increasingly in a range of research applications. 3D printers like the University Digitisation Service’s 3D Touch are presently making models to aid visualisation and creating unique objects like custom clamps required to facilitate experiments.” says Joe Arthur Coordinator of The University of Melbourne’s Digitisation & Imaging department.

The BFB 3D Touch is the printer of choice among a growing number of schools that have mad a purchase for a number of reasons as listed here.

BFB 3D Touch Pros

  • Affordable upfront costs (from $4,299 AUD)
  • Quality build
  • Low running costs
  • Dual heads allows the printing of support material
  • Ease of use
  • Local Australian Support (Rapid 3D)
  • Material and spare parts stocked in Australia
  • Choice of ABS and PLA printing materials
  • Excellent information resources
  • Plug and Play (ready to print out of the box)
  • Strong/Durable parts
  • Easy to use software (free license)
  • Clean and classroom friendly.

 For more information on the BFB 3D Touch see Rapid 3D’s website

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3D printing goes environmental

3D Printing has a new function: making plant pots. U.S organisation Plantiis has utilised 3D Printing to produce their range of Planters which are made out of biodegradable PLA. The Planters were developed using web based program Tinkercad. These pots proved lengthy to  print with some designs taking up to 18 hours. To get your hands on one of these Planters visit online store Etsy.com

3D Printed Planter Box

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Volkswagon democratising innovation through 3D printing

Volkswagon’s latest campaign centres around 3D printing technology by making it accessible to its customers. The campaign titled ” PoloPrincippet” encourages customers to design their version of a mini VW Polo online which is then printed by a Z-corp printer. The idea behind the campaign is to give users the ability to access technology which is usually out of reach.

Check out more info about the campaign below

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Improved Hybrid 3D Printing System

The ProJet 6000 is a new and improved standard of Hybrid 3D Printing Systems. It integrates the material flexibility of an SLA with the ease of use of a 3D Printer.

Projet 6000This innovative 3D printing system boasts many improved features including an improved standard for precision high quality prototypes and an extensive range of materials from ABS like, Clear and High Temperature material.

3D Systems says that the ProJet 6000 is also much easier to use than its predecesors with an integrated 3D printer touch screen interface and the ability to change materials without the need to purge the system, eliminating material wastage.

The ProJet 6000 also offers multiple build resolutions for flexibility in speed and performance as well as a Remote Print Submission with 24/7 operation.



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