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Printing in 3D Layers

Previously 3D FDM machines could only print in 2D layers, which in turn created a 3D product.

However now resourceful 3D printing enthusiasts have created a real 3 dimensional printer.

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kappius hub

Cyclists use 3D Printing to bring high-performance bike parts to life with the Kappius Hub

The Kappius father and son team are in the business of developing high performance bicycle hubs. Their process was a lengthy one until they came across direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), an industrial additive manufacturing technology (3D Printing).

This has enabled them to go from “concept to bike-ready components in about month” said Kappius who has been able to tinker designs on his computer and quickly turn that into tinkering with physical prototypes.



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3D Printed Sex Toys? – It was only a matter of time.

Printable Sex ToysMakerLove are now providing free sex toy designs for your Maker Device / 3D printer.

This technology now allows you to avoid the traditional embarrassment faced when heading down to your local Adult Shop to buy a sex toy. MakerLove gives you the ability to print the sex toy of your choice in the comfort of our own home, if you have the luxury of having a 3D printer around the house. It is a simple process download the free design of your choice from www.makerlove.com, print the design using your 3D printer, then purchase the $10.99 vibrating bullet compatible with the designs from http://www.vibrators.com/high-intensity-bullet.html. Only problem being that not everyone can afford to purchase a 3D printer and if you have to purchase the bullet online anyway why would you not just buy the sex toy of your choice while your at it and skip the whole printing process.

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Extreme Redesign Contest opens to Australian Schools

Stratasys is calling upon high school and university-level studentsExtreme Redesign Contest opens to Australian Schools to once again send in their best innovative and creative redesigns which can be brought to life with a 3D Printer!

The Extreme Redesign contest is split into three categories over the Americas / Asia Pacific regions and Europe.

The three categories are:

– Engineering Challenge

-Art and Architecture

– College Engineering Challenge

Every contestent will receive a official Extreme Redesign T-shirt. The top ten entries for each category will be printed on Stratasys 3D Printer, the prototype will then be sent out to them along with a $50 USD gift card after final judging has taken place.

3D Printers Extreme Redesign ContestFirst place will receive  $2500 USD along with an iPad for the instructor.

Second and third place will receive $1000 USD each.

There is also a bonus prize available of $250 USD.

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