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FormLabs release software for the Form1 – PreForm

Since the huge success of their kickstarter campaign the people at FormLabs have been working diligently on the release of their new PreForm Software.

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Printing in 3D Layers

Previously 3D FDM machines could only print in 2D layers, which in turn created a 3D product.

However now resourceful 3D printing enthusiasts have created a real 3 dimensional printer.

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kappius hub

Cyclists use 3D Printing to bring high-performance bike parts to life with the Kappius Hub

The Kappius father and son team are in the business of developing high performance bicycle hubs. Their process was a lengthy one until they came across direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), an industrial additive manufacturing technology (3D Printing).

This has enabled them to go from “concept to bike-ready components in about month” said Kappius who has been able to tinker designs on his computer and quickly turn that into tinkering with physical prototypes.



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3D print a functional Gun from your own home

Here is a scary thought anyone being able to download plans for a real functioning gun from there own homes. Software engineer Travis Lerol 3D Printed a lower receiver for an AR-15 in his own home in about 10 hours.


Making guns for personal use is legal in the U.S and Lerol insists he has no plans to print anything that is outlawed, though he is nervous that the push for gun control will infringe on his second amendment rights. 250,000+ files for these 3D printed guns have been dowloaded from DEFCAD so far! DEFCAD have reported an average of 3,000 visitors per hour to the 3D printable Gun files.

Gun control advocates and technology experts say this new technology allowing printable firearms and ammunition poses a unique challenge for the Obama government.

“Restrictions are difficult to enforce in a world where anybody can make anything,” said Hod Lipson, a 3-D printing expert at Cornell University and co-author of the new book, “Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing.” “Talking about old-fashioned control will be very ineffective.”

“If I were talking to lawmakers, I would encourage them to address the most basic part of a firearm – the energy source. You must have gunpowder to fire a weapon. The law could regulate the explosives. To fire a bullet, you need high-energy propellant like gunpowder. After all, 3-D printed an d arbitrarily shaped plastic firearms are going to be increasingly hard to detect using traditional screening techniques. A  high-capacity magazine might look like something else. It may be more effective to control the gunpowder.”

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360 degree 3D Printed Go Pro Mounts by 360 Heros

360 Heros have created a Go Pro Mount which holds 6 cameras at once, creating 360 degrees of 3D video footage. This Mount was made possible by a 3D Touch 3D Printer. Thanks to 3D printing technology designing and creating this mount is a relatively cheap and easy process which would not have been possible using traditional manufacturing technology.

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Leapfrog Creatr 3D Printer Review

After looking at many of the entry level FDM style 3D printers on the market, Ben Roberts chose to invest in a Leapfrog Creatr 3D Printer. He has written an in depth review of his first experiences with the machine and was kind enough to share his experience with us.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 12.01.49 PMBy Ben Roberts.

For a person who has a fascination with electromechanical devices and CAD, a 3D printer must be the most desirable thing ever invented.  It certainly is for me!  My interest in precision electromechanical devices comes form years as an Engineer in commercial radio broadcasting.  I began in the 80’s when the industry ran on tape and the machines demanded constant fettling and repair.  Injected into this background was a three year stint in 3D animation and graphics. Continue Reading →

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Mojo 3D Printer Ensures Reliability Through New Modelling Technology

Stratasys has announced it latest product innovation – the Mojo 3D Print Pack. The Mojo 3D Print Pack boasts being the market’s cheapest, professional level, complete 3D printing system. The pack contains not just the printer, but also material and a support removal system.

Mojo Print Pack Kit
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Shapeways opens New York 3D Printing distribution centre

New York based company Shapeways launched its Long Island 3D Printing distribution centre last week. The company prints from a 3D Systems ProJet 3500 Plus printer which uses UV curable acrylic plastics. Shapeways began distributing their 3D printed products earlier this year allowing them to increase their U.S production efforts. They also plan to launch a ‘lab’ for developers and students to experiment with a variety of production methods and materials to further improve upon existing methods.

Shapeways 3D printing at work


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Improved Hybrid 3D Printing System

The ProJet 6000 is a new and improved standard of Hybrid 3D Printing Systems. It integrates the material flexibility of an SLA with the ease of use of a 3D Printer.

Projet 6000This innovative 3D printing system boasts many improved features including an improved standard for precision high quality prototypes and an extensive range of materials from ABS like, Clear and High Temperature material.

3D Systems says that the ProJet 6000 is also much easier to use than its predecesors with an integrated 3D printer touch screen interface and the ability to change materials without the need to purge the system, eliminating material wastage.

The ProJet 6000 also offers multiple build resolutions for flexibility in speed and performance as well as a Remote Print Submission with 24/7 operation.



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ProJet 3D Printers by 3D Systems

UPDATE 15/05/2012: 3D Systems have just released two new awesome ProJet models with great new features at a much lower price! More information on the new ProJet1000 and ProJet1500 3D Printer.

Projet 3d printer

The ProJet 3D Printer by 3D systems are the latest in 3D printing technology. The machines are built around 3D Systems patented Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) technology.  This proven technology delivers market leading part quality with super fine detail .  The ProJet is not just one printer but a entire range of printers that specialise in a number of different fields. See below for a brief overview of range. Read More for the Video!!

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