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kappius hub

Cyclists use 3D Printing to bring high-performance bike parts to life with the Kappius Hub

The Kappius father and son team are in the business of developing high performance bicycle hubs. Their process was a lengthy one until they came across direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), an industrial additive manufacturing technology (3D Printing).

This has enabled them to go from “concept to bike-ready¬†components in about month” said Kappius who has been able to tinker designs on his computer and quickly turn that into tinkering with physical prototypes.



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Volkswagon democratising innovation through 3D printing

Volkswagon’s latest campaign centres around 3D printing technology by making it accessible to its customers. The campaign titled ” PoloPrincippet” encourages customers to design their version of a mini VW Polo online which is then printed by a Z-corp printer. The idea behind the campaign is to give users the ability to access technology which is usually out of reach.

Check out more info about the campaign below

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