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FormLabs release software for the Form1 – PreForm

Since the huge success of their kickstarter campaign the people at FormLabs have been working diligently on the release of their new PreForm Software.

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First time 3D CAD modeling – Cubify Invent

G’day. my name is Tim and I am currently hanging out at the 3D Printers Australia office for some work experience. Today I was introduced to 3D printing. I did not have very much knowledge or barely knew what the whole fuss was about with 3D printing before I started working at 3D Printers Australia. I was given a demonstration on how they worked and what was involved with bringing virtual 3D objects to life. With no previous CAD (computer aided design) experience, I decided to have a go at designing an object with a program called Cubify Invent.

tim CAD

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