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Sumpod – DIY 3D Printer and CNC Router

DIY 3D Printers keep popping up all over the place and the latest guy to appear is the Sumpod. With a super solid MDF casing this guy is sturdy enough to swap the print head for a dremel which allows for light CNC machining. The desktop printer is designed, built and sold by Richard Sum of Sutton-in-Ashfield, UK and more information is available at

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Maxifab – DIY 3D Printer Framework

We’ve seen quiet a few 3D printers on Kickstarter over the last few months but this guys a little different. Instead of selling complete machines, the Maxifab is more of  a framework so you can build a machine any size you want. With 18 days to do they have less than $1,000 to reach their goal. Check it out on Kickstarter

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Awesome First Print Video – BFB3000

Just received a very cool video response to the the 3D Printers Australia Rapman V3.1 build video. The guys from have made this quirky little video of themselves unpacking and their brand new BFB3000 3D printer and producing their first print so check it out!


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Home made DLP printer

A while back we posted some pictures of parts that were printed on a home made high resolution DLP 3D printer by . Well it looks as though he has been busy refining his software and printing some serious detailed small parts! From the limited information it looks as though he has some initial funding but may still look a releasing kits on a crowd funding website to help raise capital and get these printers out to the world.

For more information check out his blog.

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Coming soon to a shop near you!

Last Saturday over ice cream, I made an important bet with a friend: that by 2015, you would be able to walk into a mainstream electronics department store, and buy a 3D printer off the shelf.

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Welcome our new contributor – Chylld

We’d like to welcome a new contributor to! Most people will know him as an active member of Thingiverse and also the BFB forums under the avatar ‘Chylld’ however we know him as Jonathan Wong. Jonathan is a very active member of the Rep rap community and has really push the boundries of his BFB Rapman 3D printer. He has redesigned the coner block assemblies to be 3D printed in one piece which make the unit faster to assemble and much stronger, and he has designed his own set of extruder driving gears which make the machine run much quieter. Please join us in welcoming Chylld to the team and we look forward to his contributions to this site!

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Projector based DIY 3D printer

With the current trend of most DIY/RepRap style 3D printers using FDM (fused deposited material) we were wondering how long it would take people to start playing with different technologies…. So when we saw this thing we were blown away! There’s not a lot of information available apart from what is available on Juniors blog. It appears he is using a projector to shine 2D slice profiles of the 3D part onto the base of a bed of UV curable resin. The build platform moves up and removes the part from the resin as it goes. This is kind of similar to how the V-Flash works however much simpler as there is only one motor moving the Z-axis. From what we can see in the photos the parts look great and the resolution is super fine.

Junior mentions putting the project up on a crowd funding website however that was back in April 2011 and we haven’t seen anything on IndieGoGo just yet. Fingers crossed he gets this thing up and running as it would be great to see a low cost SLA style printer hit the market.

Keep reading for photos of the printed parts…

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Why I Love My 3D Printer

This is a great video to learn the absolute basics of 3D printing and rapid prototyping as explained by a child. All be it a, bit of a sales pitch.

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Thingiverse – Download STL Models for 3D Printing

download STL modlesThingiverse is an online community focused on sharing ideas and digital designs. The website is a creation of  Hackers and Educators Zach Hoeken and Bre Pettis from Makerbot Industries. The premise of the site is that members make a profile and upload their own original designs for other members to download and make themselves.

The Thingiverse community isn’t only geared towards 3D Printing but incorporates many other personal manufacturing technologies such as Laser Cutters, Plotters, Hand Tools and many, many more.

MakerBot Industries & Thingiverse

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Introduceing the Rapchick – RapMan’s sister

BFB has just released a new version of the Rapman at the 2010 Euromould exhibition. Dubbed the Rapchick, its a tweaked up version of the Rapman 3.1 with pink accents and custom branding. Continue Reading →

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