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Aussie’s manufacturing UAV’s via 3D printing!

The CyberQuad is an Australian designed unmanned, electric vertical take-off and landing system (Quadrotor) designed by Cyber technology in WA.  It’s a great example of the power of 3D printing, for the production of end-use-parts and assemblies made directly from 3D CAD data – without tooling.

A true direct manufacturing application, the CyberQuad, is produced in a 3D Systems next generation SLS Production 3D Printers.  Using a unique material called DuraForm, parts are capable of withstanding harsh conditions and used for direct low-volume manufacturing, providing the flexibility to modify, optimise and evolve designs on-the-fly.

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Home made DLP printer

A while back we posted some pictures of parts that were printed on a home made high resolution DLP 3D printer by . Well it looks as though he has been busy refining his software and printing some serious detailed small parts! From the limited information it looks as though he has some initial funding but may still look a releasing kits on a crowd funding website to help raise capital and get these printers out to the world.

For more information check out his blog.

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Solar Sand 3D Printer

Markus Kayser has developed a 3D printer which harnesses the power of the sun to sinter layers of sand to create 3D parts in glass! Dubbed the Solar-Sinter, the semi automatic 3D printer focuses the energy of the sun through a large fresnel lenes and melts the sand, thus turning it into glass, to form 3D objects. The machine in the video is the second machine Kayser has built and was tested in the Sahara desert near Siwa, Egypt. Video after the jump….
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