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FormLabs founders interviewed on the Innovators

Max and Nathan were recently interviewed on “The Innovators” and gave some insight into FormLabs and the upcoming Form1 3D printer which is making high quality SLA printing accessible to almost anyone.

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BotObjects – Desktop Color FDM 3D printer


Mike Duma and Martin Warner from BotObjects have recently announced they plan to release a color 3D printer for the “prosumer”. The ProDesk 3D is claimed to be the first desktop color 3D printing based on FDM/FFF technology. The only color 3D printers available before this announcement were the Z-corp machines, now renamed the x60 after 3D Systems acquired them last year, and the MCOR Iris which prints using convention paper and inkjet technology. Other FDM based machines have been able to print in multiple colors previously but only when equipped with multiple print heads such as the CubeX and were limited to printing printing one color at a time. The ProDesk 3D takes a very different approach more akin to inkjet technology. Continue Reading →

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3D printed sailboard customised for how you ride

We’ve seen a lot of products turning to 3D printing as a viable form of manufacturing. Sunglasses, jewellery, and toys come to mind however the one thing they all share in common is that they are all relatively small. So when I recently came across a website claiming they were planning on producing 3D printed sailboards I was intrigued.

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Read full story – A new market platform for digitial manufacturing

Paul, Carmen and Noah, have just launched, a family-owned platform for digital manufacturing services based in Melbourne. Additer allows individuals and companies to search for local makers, designers and consultants and post projects on a project bidding platform. Projects can be small 3D print or fab jobs, 3D design, education based projects or consulting, or rapid prototyping for research and industry. The platform is open to everyone; private users, the education, research and not-for profit sector as well as companies.


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What effect will 3D printing have on the economy? (Video)

Watch this great video to find out

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Will 3D printing change the world?

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FormLab’s Form1 3D printing a tiny Planetary Gear Box

I won’t lie, even though I haven’t used one yet I’m a big fan of the Form1 from FormLabs. The ability to print really small detailed parts is just not possible on most DFM 3D Printers. So when you see the below video of the Form1 printing some tinnie winnie little gears for a three stage planetary gear box it opens up a world of possibilities…

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3D Printed Gun?


There has been a lot of media hype lately about the potential for a 3D printed gun. Here at we have received several calls from main stream media asking us if it is really possible so I thought I would shed some light on the topic and give my views on possibility of 3D Printed warfare.

As far as I can tell the media attention first started when a Thingiverse use by the name HaveBlue uploaded a part for an AR-15 (0.22 caliber) pistol which he 3D printed Continue Reading →

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3D Systems files law suit against Formlabs

In a recent press release 3D Systems announced it has filled a law suit against the new kid on the block Formlabs. It is rumored that Formlabs are using a special type of support design which infringes on a Patent owned by the Giant 3D Systems. This one could get interesting with Formlabs having raised almost 3 million dollars on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter but are yet to deliver any machines.

“3D Systems invented and pioneered the 3D printing technology of stereolithography and has many active patents covering various aspects of the stereolithography process,” said Andrew Johnson, General Counsel of 3D Systems. “Although Formlabs has publicly stated that certain patents have expired, 3D Systems believes the Form 1 3D printer infringes at least one of our patents, and we intend to enforce our patent rights.”

Offical press release >>

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FORM 1: An affordable 3D printer – now on Kickstarter

Less than five hours ago we posted an article on a Startup by the name of Formlabs rumored to be launching a new cost effective 3D printer. Well the rumors were true and its now up on Kickstarter so check it out!

Less than a hour after launch they have smashed their goal of $100,000 and I wouldn’t be surprised if it exceeds a million very quickly.

This is going to change the game!

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