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Autodesk launches 3D Printer, a 3D Printing Platform and a $100M 3D Printing Fund

Yesterday at Autodesk University, Autodesk formally announced the launch of there open source 3D printing platform dubbed SPARK. The details are still not 100% clear but it we do know its planned to be opened source which is a good start. They are also planning  to ship their 3D Printer which goes by the name of Ember, early next year for just under $6,000 USD. We have limited information on the machine other than it is using SLA-DLP technology so we assume the print bed size won’t be very big. Also if you have a great 3D printing idea it might be worth knocking on the door of Autodesk as they think your idea is a good one they may be keen to hand over some of their $100M 3D printing fund!
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FormLabs announce Grey Resin for the Form1


One of the most anticipated 3D printers to be funded on Kickstarter, the Form1, was originally launched with Grey Resin, however for reasons unknown it was replaced with clear on the first machines that shipped. But today FormLabs have announced that Grey Resin is now available

Similar to the clear resin provide by FormLabs, the grey resin has properties engineered for fine detail and functional prototyping. Grey’s tensile strength and Young’s Modulus are similar to that of ABS plastic when post cured. The neutral color allows you to carefully inspect fine details and the matte finish is suitable for immediate presentation or to serve as a base for painting.

Grey Resin is available for purchase from the Form Store for $149 and will start shipping in three weeks.

That said we’re still waiting on our Form1 which we backed on Kickstarter to actually ship so we don’t really have a need for any resin no matter the colour until FormLabs actually ship machines outside of America. FormLabs…  are you listening?

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Boosted Boards using 3D printed parts to help them develop one of the coolest electric skateboards in the world!


Boosted Boards, a Kickstarter success, are developing a super light electric skateboard to help commuters travel the last few miles on their trips. Based on a conventional long board design they have developed their own truck with an integrated dual motor drive system. Most electronic skateboards run a single motor which only drive a single wheel. This can create torque steer when accelerating and braking so the boosted board eliminated this by running a dual wheel drive set up.

Check out more great in depth photos of the development of their drive system.

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BotOjects release the first ever video footage of their ProDesk Colour 3D printer in action!

In an email update earlier today, BotObjects released a video showing a simple part being printed at 25 micron from PLA filament on their yet to be released ProDesk3d Colour FDM 3D printer. As you can see by the video the colour mixing is only possible in the Z axis so the “full colour” part of colour printing is not exactly that useful unless you like printing rainbows. The surface finish looks pretty good but printing at 25 microns meeans prints are going to take very very long time to finish!

More details here

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3D Printing Graphene will change the World as we know it!

Graphene is a relatively new material, so new your spell checker probably won’t recognise it. Discovered in 2004 by two scientist, its a 2D hexagon lattice of carbon atoms that is very thin… so thin that you a 1mm sheet of Graphene contains 3 million layers!

If you’ve never head of it before the video below gives you a pretty good overview and rundown of the possibilities of this awesome material. In short, its clear, light weight and 200 times stronger than steel. Its also as flexible as rubber and also more conductive than copper. The possible applications for this material will change almost every product in existence.

The conductive properties of Graphene will allow us to build much faster and smaller computers which are flexible and super strong… Also as the material is transparent, flexible displays are possible… You’ll never have to worry about dropping an iPhone made from Graphene!

Interestingly, 3D printing is leading the way for manufacturing electronic circuits from Graphene. Previously harvesting large quantities of Graphene was difficult, however researchers at Northwestern University have devised a new method of creating large volumes of high-quality Graphene which is then mixed into an ink and printed via a convention inkjet printer! Pretty bloody cool if you ask me!

More info here 

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Just click print! Windows 8.1 to add native support for 3D printing

screen shot 2013-06-26 at 1.10.30 pm

If you’re looking to upgrade to Windows 8 heres a solid reason to do so. Microsoft are adding native 3D printer support in Windows 8.1. A new API will allow developers to include 3D printing capabilities directly in their software, so (in theory) you’ll be able to hit print and out it will come you part, just like a conventional 2D printer.

Microsoft jumping on the 3D printing band wagon along with the merger of Makerbot with Stratasys means there’s a lot of energy going into mainstreaming home 3D printing right now. That doesn’t mean we’ll all be printing our own phones at home in two years’ time, but it does mean we’ll probably see a lot more investment focused on this area in the near future.

Microsoft’s Antoine Leblond called printing 3D “just as easy and seamless as printing in 2D” on stage today at Build, and demoed the process of printing a vase from a Windows 8.1 device to the MakerBot Replicator 2 which will soon be available in Microsoft Stores!

Via TechCrunch

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BotObjects announce details on the ProDesk3D

BotObjects today announced that they are taking pre-orders via telephone (very hi tech) for their new ProDesk3D Full colour FDM 3D printer. They also release limited specifications on the machine and some photos of parts that were printed on the machine. Still there is no actual photos or video of the machine printing so we’re still a little dubious about the machine but lets hope their not just one big scam. Judging from the photos it appears they can only do colour variation in the vertical axis which I wouldn’t really class as full color printing.

More photos after the jump.


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FormLabs release software for the Form1 – PreForm

Since the huge success of their kickstarter campaign the people at FormLabs have been working diligently on the release of their new PreForm Software.

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BotObjects to announce product specs on the first full colour FDM 3D printer on the 22nd May

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 8.34.24 PM

BotObjects claimed they have developed a technology to allow full colour parts to be printed using FDM technology back in April this year dubbed the Prodesk3D. Although they did not release any details on how they are actually doing so or show any images of the 3D Printer or Printed Parts that could all change in a few days as a few hours ago BotObjects tweeted that they will be announcing specs for these machines on the 22nd of May. We’ll be waiting and watching with a keen eye for the details.

“Our new full website will feature technical specification for the ProDesk3D and is due out on Wednesday 22nd May”

So lock it in the calendar (probably be the 23rd in Oz) and we’ll see what they disclose. Hopefully they share some images of printed parts as well as specifications.

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Desktop SLA printing is coming with the Form1 – Now Shipping


As far as kickstarter projects go the Form1 is a project I am personally super excited about. And today they released an update saying they had just shipped their first batch of units to their backers! Like a lot of Kickstarter projects, the Form1 shipped several months after its original shipping date, but when you raise almost 30 times you original funding goal of $100,000 you can bet they had a lot more work laid out for them than they originally anticipated.

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