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Thingiverse – Mouse Trap challange

The guys over at thingiverse are highlighting a bunch of new designs for a mouse trap. The designs are interesting to say the least. However the great part about these designs and thingiverse is that the 3D data is available for download free of charge so if your one of the lucky ones with a 3D printer or Rep Rap machine you can print them out and see if they work! Continue Reading →

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Hexapod Robotic Spider Printed On FDM Machine

Hexapod Robotic SpiderThis awesome Hexapod Spider was designed by Matt Bunting from the Robotics and Neural Systems Laboratory, University of Arizona. The Hexapot Spider has been totally constructed from FDM parts printed on a Dimensions 3D printing machine. 3D Printing makes the impossible, possible. Tooling or machining of so many complicated parts would have been too expensive and near impossible for such a project, but the FDM machine prints ridged useable parts perfect for the robotic applications. Check out the video!

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