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Welcome our new contributor – Chylld

We’d like to welcome a new contributor to! Most people will know him as an active member of Thingiverse and also the BFB forums under the avatar ‘Chylld’ however we know him as Jonathan Wong. Jonathan is a very active member of the Rep rap community and has really push the boundries of his BFB Rapman 3D printer. He has redesigned the coner block assemblies to be 3D printed in one piece which make the unit faster to assemble and much stronger, and he has designed his own set of extruder driving gears which make the machine run much quieter. Please join us in welcoming Chylld to the team and we look forward to his contributions to this site!

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1st Pacific Additive Manufacturing Forum – 7th June – Melbourne

Additive Manufacture (AM), also referred to as 3D printing, is now playing an ever increasing role in a range of industries such as the aerospace, automotive, medical and defence because of the many benefits it offers compared to traditional subtractive technologies. The 1st Pacific Additive Manufacturing Forum (PAMF) aims to bring together industry professionals, engineers, researchers, and equipment and material suppliers to hear the latest developments and trends in Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology from international speakers and local industry players. The one-day Forum in Melbourne will serve as the opening for half day presentations in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane organised in partnership with the Defence Materials Technology Centre.
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Future of Rapid Prototyping

Scott Summit introduces students to the world of rapid prototyping

Scott Summits talks with students about the current and future state of rapid prototyping.  Scott discusses all the individual elements of rapid prototyping process from 3D scanning to parametric modeling and 3D printing. Scott also points out that not all of these technologies have to be expensive and shows both ends of the scale, from a $2000 open source FDM rapid prototyping machine to an $800,000 SLM rapid prototyping machine.


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Theo Jansens Strandbeests are replicating!

Theo Jansen, famous for creating his beach creatures better know as strandbeests, has scaled down his creations and opened them up for people to adopt using the Shapeways 3D printing service. The little buggers are amazing to watch in motion.. Continue Reading →

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Thingiverse – Download STL Models for 3D Printing

download STL modlesThingiverse is an online community focused on sharing ideas and digital designs. The website is a creation of  Hackers and Educators Zach Hoeken and Bre Pettis from Makerbot Industries. The premise of the site is that members make a profile and upload their own original designs for other members to download and make themselves.

The Thingiverse community isn’t only geared towards 3D Printing but incorporates many other personal manufacturing technologies such as Laser Cutters, Plotters, Hand Tools and many, many more.

MakerBot Industries & Thingiverse

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3D printing in the NY times

3D printing NY times

Ashlee Vance from the New York Times just published an article giving a good outline on the WOW factor of 3D printers and printing services. Check it out at

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Ponoko – The Worlds Easiest Making System

Ponoko Logo Ponoko is the an awesome new system for making things which incorporates everyone .Ponoko allows you to sell designs online, buy designs online and even make things online.

For example if your a punter who wants to get in 3D printing for example, then you can without even having a 3D Printing machine. Also if you wish to purchase a cool design but don’t have the time or the smarts to come up with your own you can buy others designs from Ponoko.  BUT the coolest thing I think is that because the manufacturing is community based the products are produced locally by the closest supplier to you, let me break this down.

Jane in Australia falls in love with a lamp design by Sven in Sweden, now in the past Sven would have been manufacturing his 3D Printed and Laser cut lamps in Sweden and a massive jet would have to fly it 20,000+ km from Sven’s manufacturer in Sweden to Jane’s house in Australia. Enter the new digital era and Ponoko. Now with Ponoko Jane can still buy Sven’s lamp, but when she purchases it on Ponoko Sven gets paid by Ponoko and then the design is emailed to a Ponoko manufacturing partner just down the road from Jane, they build the lamp locally on their 3D Printer and Laser cutter, put the Lamp in the basket on the front of their push bike and deliver the lamp to a happy Jane. How awesome is that?

Read on for some more of Ponoko’s  visual explanations.

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Read full story – New Creative Community

ShareMake is a a new online community for people to share their ideas and the cool things they have created using technology.   Note unlike a facebook for creative types.

Just jump online create a profile and join or create groups that your interested in.  If 3D Printing is you thing, then there is a brand new 3D Printing group so get involved! Feel free to post files, videos, pictures or just ask for some help.

This community is only brand new and will take some time to develop so help out by signing up today.

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