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Shapeways bringing manufacturing back to USA

Made in the USA might be seen on more and more products with Shapeways opening up a new office in New York. With the recent signing on a lease for a 25,000 square foot manufacturing center in Long Island City and a 6,000 square foot office space on Park Avenue South it won’t be long before a heap of 3D printed goodies are being pumped out locally in Queens! Check the video below or the full story at fastcompany

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The States first 3D Printing lab could be made possible thanks to Crowd Funding

Through crowd funding the the states first ever 3D printing lab is to be built at the Edge of the State Library of Queensland.  The library has already raised more then $7000 through the Crowd Funding website Pozible with a goal of $9300 set. Pozible is very similar to the american site Kickstarter but is more easily accessible to Australians.
These Crowd Funding platforms like Pozible allow for the community to pledge money to make great ideas like this one a reality. Members of the community who pledge are rewarded with tangible benefits rather then “investor” profit shares.

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3D printing saves the day…and my dinner!

Recently the range hood in my Kitchen broke away from its mounts, not really sure how as it happened as I wasn’t around when it broke, but it needed to be fixed as I had dinner to cook! A quick inspection at the mounting design and it was obvious there was no easy fix as the plastic plates that allow the range hood to be screwed to the cupboard had broken into many piece and could not be glued back together. Never fear, I can just print out some new ones! A quick measure up with the callipers and a 5 minute modelling job on Solidworks and I had some replacement parts ready to be printed out! I exported the CAD model from Solidworks as an STL and processed it using the new Beta version of Axon 3.0. The print files was transferred via a USB stick to the BFB Touch 3D printer and an hour latter I had four 3d printed replacement mounts ready to slot into the range hood so I could screw it back into place. Ah the joys of having a 3D Printer. More Photos after the jump.  Continue Reading →

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Contour Crafting – 3D Printing homes

Contour crafting is a term thats been given to a process very similar process to 3D printing but for construction of housing. The process under development by Behrokh Khoshnevis of the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute uses a CNC gantry to build…um….buildings. And it does so very quickly without manual labor. Originally conceived as a method to construct molds for industrial parts, Khoshnevis decided to adapt the technology for rapid home construction as a way to rebuild after natural disasters.

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Maxifab – DIY 3D Printer Framework

We’ve seen quiet a few 3D printers on Kickstarter over the last few months but this guys a little different. Instead of selling complete machines, the Maxifab is more of  a framework so you can build a machine any size you want. With 18 days to do they have less than $1,000 to reach their goal. Check it out on Kickstarter

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Australian startup Beehive – crowd funding 3D printed eyewear

Australian startup Beehive are crowd funding a “design your own 3D printed eyewear” interface.

Beehives 3D Printed Eyewear

The Beehive team of industrial designers and engineers (including Engineers Without Borders founder Daniel Almagor) are branching into online design interfaces.

The website, which is under development , will let anybody jump into the design process, creating a unique eyewear design that will be 3D printed.

“We were inspired by the Spore Creature Creator to make eyewear design fun and intuitive”, said Adam Long, co-founder of Beehive.

“You can change the shape, style, and pattern of the eyewear and then upload an image or text to emboss into the frames.”

“You can even upload an image of yourself to try on the style. When you’re ready, hit “go” and we 3D print them for you.”

3D printing is an exciting rapid manufacturing technology that was made famous by an Economist article earlier in the year showing a 3D printed working reproduction of a Stradivarius violin.

“When you print on paper the ink has a tiny bit of height above the page. If you printed the same thing on the same page again and again it would stack up. So instead of ink, we use plastics and metals to create amazing new objects – including eyewear!” said Adam.

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Awesome First Print Video – BFB3000

Just received a very cool video response to the the 3D Printers Australia Rapman V3.1 build video. The guys from have made this quirky little video of themselves unpacking and their brand new BFB3000 3D printer and producing their first print so check it out!


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3D Printers Australia Community Page on Facebook!


Like the 3D Printers Australia Page on Facebook!!

3D Printers Australia is now running a community Facebook page based around everything to do with 3d printing, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and 3d scanning.  All of the post from will be featured and it a great place for the readers to get involved. So Like the facebook page and stay up to date with the latest news in 3D Printing via your facebook stream!!

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First ever 3D Printed Plane

3d Printed plane A team of aeronautical engineers from the University of Southampton are demonstrating the first fully 3d printed plane. The team believes that with the aid of  3D printing Unmanned Aircraft (UAVs) will be able to transform from design to reality in a matter of days.

“With 3D printing we can go back to pure forms and explore the mathematics of airflow without being forced to put in straight lines to keep costs down,” Andy Keane .


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Read full story on ABC Radio tonight!

Regular 3D Printers Australia blogger Chris Peter can be heard discussing all things 3D Printers and alike from about 9:00pm tonight on ABC radio with Robbie Buck.

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