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3DPrint-AU Launches Newest Australia’n 3D Print Service

3DPrint-AU announced today the launch of their new 3D printing service for Australia.

Manufacturing in Australia has experienced many changes since the 3D Printing revolution began in 2011. Many Australians have started to use desktop 3D printing to prototype and manufacture products in their sheds and workplaces. Limited access to industrial capable machines have resulted in Australians having to purchase parts from overseas, with long lead times. Creators in Europe and the USA have had easy access to this technology, now it  is Australia’s turn. Having a local 3D Print service means that customers in Australia are no longer at a disadvantage. Main centres, Melbourne and Sydney will be able to receive their models within 48 hours of the printer finishing the job. Continue Reading →

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Autodesk launches 3D Printer, a 3D Printing Platform and a $100M 3D Printing Fund

Yesterday at Autodesk University, Autodesk formally announced the launch of there open source 3D printing platform dubbed SPARK. The details are still not 100% clear but it we do know its planned to be opened source which is a good start. They are also planning  to ship their 3D Printer which goes by the name of Ember, early next year for just under $6,000 USD. We have limited information on the machine other than it is using SLA-DLP technology so we assume the print bed size won’t be very big. Also if you have a great 3D printing idea it might be worth knocking on the door of Autodesk as they think your idea is a good one they may be keen to hand over some of their $100M 3D printing fund!
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Made For Me – Aussie Online 3D-Printing Marketplace

Made For Me a Canberra based startup is looking to tap into 3D printing’s increasing popularity in Australia by connecting designers, local manufacturers and consumers in the an online marketplace.

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3DHubs Raises $4.5M, Making 3D Printing Local

3DHubs, a 3D printer matching service, has raised a $4.5 million. The service allows users to find and order 3D prints from 3D printers in their local area.

Founded by former 3D Systems employees Brian Garret and Bram de Zwart, the site was one of the first global 3D printing solutions. They’ve processed over 30,000 3D prints and have about 7,100 printers in 140 countries. To use the service, you simply choose your area, upload a model, and ask for a quote. The 3D printer owner then prints things out and gets it to you via post.


“We’re very fast and average delivery time has dropped to 1.2 days from submission to pickup/shipping,” said Garret. “Competitors like Shapeways still take about a week for their fastest materials, and much longer for special materials.”

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A Year with the Leapfrog Creatr.

creatr-shadow_grandeSome of you may remember my review of the Leapfrog Creatr.  I wrote it after I’d had the machine for a few weeks and at the time I was quite impressed with my purchase.  To a large extent, I still am, however I have had a fair share of issues and breakdowns.  Some of these issues were down to the fairly hasty fashion in which the machine was assembled and others have been connected to design flaws in the machine itself. As I mentioned in my review, I have a fair amount of experience with electromechanical devices, being trained as a broadcast engineer in the tape era.  Since then I have had to keep up with the times and subsequently, a good deal of my work now is connected with computers, networks and software.  3D printers are a good match for my skillset.

When I ordered my machine from the Netherlands, I was not under any illusions about the possibility of warranty support on the machine.  I was on my own.  After building my CNC router from scratch, the prospect didn’t faze me but other clients have proved to be much less forgiving of the machines idiosyncrasies and faults.  I have seen some really angry threads on the forum attached to their official site and more than once the buyer has referred to the machine as a doorstop or paperweight.  The term “boat anchor” hasn’t taken off in Europe!  Back home, I was jumping the hurdles as they came along but other users were not expecting so many issues and were not holding back their disappointment.  As much as I could, I joined in the discussions and offered technical advice where I felt I had some understanding and fortunately, there were other members, much more knowledgeable than myself, adding their considerable input.  This extended right up to a beautifully sorted version of the Marlin firmware for the Arduino that ironed out a bunch of issues.

Okay, so what was good and what was bad?  Let’s kick off with the bad stuff, it’s everyone’s favourite eh!

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Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.15.49 PM

Maker Machine on Pozible

Two Industrial Designers combine to bring education to life.

Jethro Pugh and Sam Nikolsky and looking for funding via the Pozible site to bring Maker Machine to market.

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Release the Artist within

The New Handmade Article is looking at the development of artists using 3D technology to produce their handmade goods. This is not only for the well established artists but for all of the scientists and technology driven minds out there.

Gone are the days that the skills of design are for the few. With the advancement of technology in all areas of creativity we all now have the tools to design, test and finally create our own artistic endeavours.

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3D Printed Christmas Cookies


Here is another great way to use a 3D Printer if you have one at home.

Ralph Holleis ( had developed away to print your own cookies!

Ralph has used an ‘Unfold Pastruder’ as the print head. This includes using a syringe which is filled will cookie dough and it is squeezed into a pattern before being put in the oven to bake.


Check out the video below to see what Ralph has created!

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3D Printing HackerSpace in Melbourne

Rob's Maxed Mendel 3d printer

Last week 3D Printers Australia made a visit to a very exciting and progressive HackerSpace in Melbourne with a particular interest in 3D Printing.  Some of the projects were just awesome from Rob Gannon’s “Maxed Mendel” (above) to the communities own traditional in house Mendal among other open source and entry level 3D Printers.

CCHS 3D Printing Night Melbourne

CCHS (Connected Community Hacker Space) aka Melbourne HackerSpace is an enthusiastic group of hardware hobbyists and/or software programmers. They enjoy getting together to build new and challenging technology focused projects and gadgets for fun! The community meet several times a week in their awesome new space in Hawthorne (left), and welcomes visitors and newcomers who wish to make things and learn about technology, e.g 3D printers or robots.  You don’t need to be an expert to participate and the space is gradually accumulating equipment and tools for common use.

During our time at the HackSpace there was even a workshop being held on parametric modelling and the community is planning more great informative events so check them out on Meetup or the Connected Community HackSpace website

new Cube 3d printer in Australia

Chris from Rapid 3D demonstrating one of 3D Systems new Cube 3D Printers.

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Exploring 3D-Printed Moon Bases


The idea of 3D printing entire buildings was amazing enough but now according to reports from the European Space Agency and London- based architecture firm Foster + Partners we may well be 3D printing self sustaining space bases on a lunar Surface.

At this stage they are only just exploring the feasibility of a 3D printed space base but even that is an amazing thought. One issue they are facing is finding building material. They have simulated moon dust combined with magnesium oxide and a “binding salt” to help the concoction  settle properly. They believe the whole process is possible in the vacuum of space thanks to a crafty approach to extruding liquid on a lunar surface. Continue Reading →

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