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Makerbot3D Printers Australia is a website dedicated to everything to do with 3D Printers. 3D Printers are becoming more and more affordable and main stream, with many Design and Prototyping companies investing in the new exciting technology. 3D Printers Australia is an Australian site and will be predominately looking at the Industry in relation to Australia.  Not all of the worlds 3D printing systems are available locally so 3D Printers Australia will strive to bring all the best information from the world wide 3D Printing industry to the Australian industry right here at www.3d-printers.com.au.

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3D Printers Australia believes that the use of the 3D printing technology is not only limited to the industries of Product Design and Development but that many industries will adopt the use of 3D Printers in Australia. Industries such a metal casting, jewelery and dental are taking up the new technologies of Wax 3D Printing right now.

Another extremely fun and fascinating area of the 3D Printing phenomenon is the emergence of a number of open source 3D Printing Systems. There are now a number of affordable open source 3D printing systems on the market and some are now even available in Australia.  Open source 3D printers can be purchased by Hobbyist, Schools Tafes and Technical Colleges in a kit form, assembled and used to print their own parts. 3D Printers Australia will be keeping a close eye on this new exciting area of 3D printing and reporting back on all the cool new products and kits available on the market.

3D-Printers.com.au is only a new site and a lot more information will be added in the near future so watch this space!!!

Below is a great overview of the new possibilities for design using 3D printing from the Museum of Modern Art (Moma.org)



Chris Peters | (writetocp@gmail.com) | @cplicious

Chris is an Industrial Designer with over 12 years experience designing products for major consultancies in both Melbourne and Sydney. He founded his own product design consultancy in 2009 and has recently released a range of mobile device accessories under the brand Annex Products with his friend and business partner Rob Ward. He is a 3D Printing enthusiast and heads up the Solidworks User Group in Melbourne.

Rob Ward | @robyward

Ex Tool Maker and all round ideas man. Co founder of Annex Products with Chris.