Whats the best 3d printer in Australia to buy?

I’ve been in the Australian 3d printing scene for nearly 6 years now and I have seen so many different 3d printers come and go. I have seen 3d printer shops in Sydney & Melbourne selling all kinds of systems. From a few hundred dollars to half a million dollars, that can print in metals, plastic, wood and all kinds of materials. Yes, this thing called 3D printing is happening and is affecting people and companies in so many different ways. The range of desktop 3D printers in the local market is huge and totally confusing for the first time buyer. Looking at systems on paper and comparing specifications is one thing, but the real fact is that 3D printers are involved, there are so many variables. some issues that can arise are, platform not level, nozzle to close, filament jams, tangled filament, not enclosed print environment that causes parts to warp, nozzle temperatures, print bed temperatures and the list goes on.

So yes, doing your homework to choose the best 3D printer by specifications on paper is one thing, but you need to be asking other questions first. Phone the local shop and ask to speak to support, make sure they have someone dedicated to answering the phones to deal with technical questions, they will arise! Check if the local shop has spare parts for the machine you are looking at. Can you purchase a 3 year warranty, even if you don’t want to purchase one, this is a good sign of how much the supplier believes in the 3d printer they are selling.

The friendly guys over at 3DPrintingSystems.com based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have an excellent 3d printer buyers guide that you can download for free to find out the best 3d printers in the Australian market.
UP mini 2 3d printer

UP mini 2 3D printer

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