Top 10 3D Printing stories of 2015

Take a look back at the top 10 3d printing stories of 2015. It’s been quite a year here at the 3D Printing Systems offices. I present to you, our top picks of 2015 with a couple of local Australian stories included.

10. World’s smallest 3d printed cordless drill

A kiwi holds the Guinness world record for the world’s smallest 3d printed working drill. Perfect for clearing the nozzle of your 3D printer!

9. The first 3d printed super car

A super-light sports car with a 3d printed chassis that is breaking the boundaries of traditional manufacturing.

8. Glowforge 3d laser printer

Not technically related to 3d printing, but what a perfect tool to be used with any 3d printer. They have raised nearly 30 million dollars in 30 days.

7. Cancer Patient Receives 3d printed sternum and Ribs in a first of its kind surgery.

3d printing really proves its worth in the medical sector. This Australian based company is changing lives with its development of surgical implants for cancer patients.

6. The Year of the 3D Printed Prosthetic

3d-printable prosthetics are also changing the face of medicine as it allows anyone to customise for the wearer and print at home. e-NABLE, a network of passionate volunteers, is lending a “helping hand” to those in need.

5. Five Story apartment 3D Printed

We saw some super huge 3d printers created this year, but the biggest object printed goes to this five-story apartment using recycled materials. 

4. Fast 3d printing – Carbon 3D

3d printing has long been known as a slow process, this year was a breakthrough in speed with the Carbon 3d.

3. First 3D Printed Parts In Space

We saw the first 3d printer launched into space, printing spare parts that would normally take months to obtain.

2. 3D Printed Jet Engine

A world first and a first for Australia, CSIRO take-off with their 3d printed jet engine. 

1. 3D Printing with Glass

Taking an old world material and revolutionizing its development in 2015.

Best printed object of 2015

My personal favorite as far as 3d prints go is this 3d printed 787 Jet engine. Watch at the 3-minute mark, where the thrust reverser is deployed.

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