This Week in 3D Printing 10 July 2015

3D Printed Guitar

Michael Tyson, of Adelaide, has created an elegant French Suits themed guitar on his UP BOX. Using the large build area he was able to construct the body of the beast in 4 lightweight sections that he then joined together. A notable achievement, as one big issue facing guitarists is the weight of their instrument. Keeping the inside of the body hollow, allows for longer jam sessions.

See how he did it.

Fleet of UP Plus 2’s create a soft table

Joshua Stellini, of the University of Melbourne, has created an eye catching flexible table. Combining a wooden frame and 3D printed cubes, his vision came to life. Each of the 167 cubes were created on a number of UP Plus 2, 3D printers. The estimated total print time was approximately 200 hours across all of the machines he used in the project.

Read more.

Iron Man prototype – One step ahead of the game

If Tony Stark were to have a 3D printer on his desk, it would possibly be an Afinia H480 (UP Plus 2). This Iron Man prototype MK 42 boot was printed on one and is part of a larger project to create a full suit. The team behind the project are known as Jarvis.

Read more.

Bridging the gap by 3D Printing a bridge

Using a new multi-axis 3D printer that can “draw” structures in mid air, a 3D printing company in Amsterdam aim to create a bridge over a canal in the heart of the city.

Learn more.

Order a 3D Printed Car – Would you buy one today?

Local Motors have recently announced the winner for their first 3D printed car design. Due to be created by September, the car will feature two different designs, swim and sport.

See it here.

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