This Week in 3D Printing – 30 April 2015

This week in 3D printing, meet 3D Printing Systems at Austech, how 3D printing makes honey and money, an electroplating machine, 3D printing heads to court and more.

Austech 2015

NMW & Inside 3D Printing Conference

If you want to see the latest 3D printing technology on offer in Australia, then Austech 2015 co-hosted with the Inside 3D Printing Conference is the event to attend. We will have the new UP BOX 3D printer on display as well as our advanced manufacturing print service.

It is all go from 26 – 29 May at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Center. We will be at stand D03 so come along and meet the team from 3D Printing Systems. It doesn’t cost you a penny to attend.


Flow Hive – it started with a print

Aussie Beekeepers set to change the world

Stuart and his son Cedar have created a system that will provide honey on tap. The family are beekeepers by trade and have been working for 10 years to make the process of harvesting honey better and easier.

The Flow Hive is a system using man-made honeycomb structures created through 3D printing. To get your honey, just turn the tap and watch it flow out.

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Out of the box 3D scanning

by Bruce Jackson, Director – 3D Printing Systems

In the four years that I have been in the printing and scanning industry, I haven’t yet come across an easy way to capture models in 3D. About a month ago, I received a review unit of the new Fuel3D scanner. From reading about it online, I didn’t have high hopes. As I have seen several other 3D scanners that offer ease of use and high quality which didn’t deliver what was promised. So I was skeptical about the Fuel3D.

The box for the Fuel3D is quite a big one. Upon opening it, I was pleasantly surprised. The presentation and packing speak volumes about the product. It has been well thought out and every care taken to deliver a quality experience. Normally the first thing I do is throw away packaging products, yet with this one everything just fits so nicely and makes an ideal storage container.

Once the software download is complete (there is no CD with the supplied), it is just a dream to use. Everything that you need is there and nothing you don’t. I was just blown away with my first attempt at scanning. It really was just point and click. This has to be the easiest 3D scanner I have ever used with high surface detail.

As part of the photogrammetric process, the scanner uses a flash when taking the scan. This did tend slow me down a tad as I had to wait for it to recharge between shots. I contacted the support team about this. Why the wait? To make your scanner go the distance. This delay is to avoid damage to the flash units and extend their life.

The best part about the Fuel3D is that it just works. Compared to other scanners I have tried and worked with, this one just takes the cake for ease of use. It really is as simple as point, click and scan.

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Advanced Manufacturing with SLS

The ultimate 3D printing technology

No other 3D printing technology can compare with selective laser sintering. Why? It allows you (the designer) almost limitless freedom in the creation process. There is no need to worry about overhangs, undercuts or the “45 degree rule” of 3D printing. The entire model is supported by loose powder that is easily removed during the cleaning process. No ugly seam lines or rough edges due to support structures that you get in desktop machines.

What is the icing on the cake? It is created in really strong nylon 12. What does that mean for you? The part is strong enough to use in the real world. If that sounds like a cake for you, why not grab a slice and give our print service a try?

Investigating Death

3D Printing heads to court

It can be hard for forensic experts to explain years worth of knowledge in the courtroom with pictures or words alone. The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in Melbourne want to 3D print models to be used in courtrooms as evidence and to explain complicated scenarios and events.

Data has been captured using a CT scanner for many years now, with images having been used in court. Now they want to take the next step and create 3D models from the data.

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Electroplate your 3D Prints

From zero to hero

The promise of metal parts from 3D printers is a long way away for the average person. Orbit1 changes that, while not a metal printer, it will allow you to electroplate your models to achieve that metal look and feel.

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