OzNerfNerd Upgrade for your Elite Alpha Trooper

If you love Nerf guns and upgrades, then the upgrade kit from OzNerfNerd is the perfect gift for yourself. This kit improves on the performance of the Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper and adds length to the stock thanks to a 3D printed extension.

It is always exciting to see how 3D printing has empowered small business and individuals. By making manufacturing at a small scale possible right here in Australia. One of the things to note about these parts is the print quality and professional finish that has been achieved. In the video below, the reviewer notes three printed parts are all good of quality and very strong.


3D Printed upgrade in action


Check out LordDraconical’s review of the upgrade kit below. The video covers the unboxing and goes through all of the different parts how to install everything. Be sure to watch 1:20 for when he inspects some of the 3D printed parts. He even does a small drop test showing the durabilty of the material.

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