Introducing Flow, a wireless input device.

As computers have developed, we’ve seen many alternative input devices come and go but through time the trusty mouse and keyboard have reigned king. Touch screens have taken hold on smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones but they are still rely on a virtual keyboard. Input devices such as joysticks, trackballs, gamepads and for the pong fans out there who could forget the paddle, we’re fun to play with but none really stuck around. With the growth of 3D CAD we have seen some interesting devices such as the Connexion 3D mouse and haptic input devices but they usually still require the use of a mouse along side. You may recall a device called Leap Motion which launched a few years back and allowed you to control your PC by just waving your hands around over a tiny little match box sizes object but we haven’t seen any solid uses for it apart from games.

Not to be put off by a challenge, a gent by the name of Tobias Eichenwald from Berlin figured there was room for a new type of input device. He is crowdfunding his peripheral which he has dubbed “flow” on the Indiegogo platform and needs to raise $50K to make it a reality. The wireless device allows you to control software Apps via a tap, swipe, wave and a twist of the external ring. If it’s up your alley why not back his project on Indiegogo now.


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