3D Printed Mountain Bike

Titanium Mountains Bikes aren’t new, but 3D Printed Titanium Mountain Bikes are!

3d printed titanium mountain bike

The UK company Renishaw has teamed up with Empire Cycles to build the first 3D-printed Titanium bike.  SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) style 3D printing was used to a  transform fine particles of Titanium and a CAD file into functional three-dimensional parts.  This process can produce metal densities of 99.7% which is denser and less pourous than traditional casting process of a similar metal.

The video above shows the process of SLS 3D Printing where a thin layer of titanium alloy powder is spread across the build platform and then fused together with a laser.  this process is repeated over and over again until a solid part is complete sitting in a bed of powder. The below picture shows a finished print on the build platform with support material still attached, this support material is removed post printing.

3d printed titanium metal

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