Is This The Ultimate 3D Printer?

Connex3 color 3D PrinterObjective3D has announces the arrival of the Stratasys Objet500 Connex3, the most advanced multi-material colour 3D they have released to date, so is this the ultimate 3D Printer?

The is a highly advanced multi-material colour 3D Printer, featuring a large build tray size of 500 x 400 x 200mm, it enables designers & engineers to prototype in vivid colour, multi-materials and in high quality with all the characteristics and strength of PolyJet technology.

What’s Unique about Objet500 Connex3?
Connex PolyJet printing already offered ground-breaking 3D printing options, but users wanted more materials and more colour options. Stratasys answered the call with the Connex3.

The Connex3 features additional material bays, a new print block and the three part colour mix. The resulting parts are functional and offer true product realism to satisfy the artist, the designer, the engineer and the product manager according to 3D Printing AU.

The Connex3 can build as many as 46 different material characteristics into an individual part, with users able to select from a wide range of material properties, colours and opacities.

Difference Between Connex3 and the Connex500?
The Connex3 has all the benefits and capabilities of the Objet500 Connex including overmoulding, multi-material printing in digital materials of varying shore hardness, as well as additional features including:

  • Over 500+ material options
  • Transparent to opaque colour combinations
  • Rigid and flexible areas on the same part
  • Mixed trays of up to three different base materials
  • Overmoulded parts with no assembly required
  • Print in shore hardness from  A 27-95
  • Up to 46 different materials in a single part
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