Seriously large 3D printer – Makes chairs!

Dirk's printer

I wish I had a robot arm so I could turn it in to a 3D printer. And this is exactly what Dirk van der Kooij has done. Based in the Netherlands, (wonder if he is related to the guy building the Ultimakers?) Dirk has fitted his robot arm (doesn’t everyone have a robot arm in their garage?) with a hopper which melts plastic from recycled fridges and to print chairs. In principal is works in the same way as a FDM printer however it has an a hopper which melts and extrudes plastic from raw granuals. Robot arms are bloody expensive however tooling for a chair of this size would be of a similar $$ level however a tool can only make one chair design where has Dirk’s 3D printer robot arm can make chairs in as many different variation as he can think up. Brilliant!

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