PreForm software for Form1 now has internal supports


In a Kickstarter update this morning, FromLabs have announced that they have rewritten they support generator for the Preform Software from the ground up to now include internal supports. The support generator performs a high-speed analysis of the 3D model and automatically generates scaffolding that is required to support the geometry during the build process, regardless of how part complex the part is. So you can now print parts with overhangs, or lips and even multi-body models like the example above so (in theory) you can fill the entire build envelop with parts, hit print and in a few days time (Printing on the Form1 is not that quick) you’ll have a heap of parts ready to extract from the web of support.

To be honest we were a little confused as to why this wasn’t in the software when the machines shipped. As we’re still waiting for our machine to be shipped (Hi from Australia FormLabs) we’ll never really know if not having internal supports was that big of an issue in the first place. We now even more excited to get our hands on this mightly little machine so com’on FormLabs SHIP OUR FORM1!!!!!



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