3D Printing Graphene will change the World as we know it!

Graphene is a relatively new material, so new your spell checker probably won’t recognise it. Discovered in 2004 by two scientist, its a 2D hexagon lattice of carbon atoms that is very thin… so thin that you a 1mm sheet of Graphene contains 3 million layers!

If you’ve never head of it before the video below gives you a pretty good overview and rundown of the possibilities of this awesome material. In short, its clear, light weight and 200 times stronger than steel. Its also as flexible as rubber and also more conductive than copper. The possible applications for this material will change almost every product in existence.

The conductive properties of Graphene will allow us to build much faster and smaller computers which are flexible and super strong… Also as the material is transparent, flexible displays are possible… You’ll never have to worry about dropping an iPhone made from Graphene!

Interestingly, 3D printing is leading the way for manufacturing electronic circuits from Graphene. Previously harvesting large quantities of Graphene was difficult, however researchers at Northwestern University have devised a new method of creating large volumes of high-quality Graphene which is then mixed into an ink and printed via a convention inkjet printer! Pretty bloody cool if you ask me!

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