Just click print! Windows 8.1 to add native support for 3D printing

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If you’re looking to upgrade to Windows 8 heres a solid reason to do so. Microsoft are adding native 3D printer support in Windows 8.1. A new API will allow developers to include 3D printing capabilities directly in their software, so (in theory) you’ll be able to hit print and out it will come you part, just like a conventional 2D printer.

Microsoft jumping on the 3D printing band wagon along with the merger of Makerbot with Stratasys means there’s a lot of energy going into mainstreaming home 3D printing right now. That doesn’t mean we’ll all be printing our own phones at home in two years’ time, but it does mean we’ll probably see a lot more investment focused on this area in the near future.

Microsoft’s Antoine Leblond called printing 3D “just as easy and seamless as printing in 2D” on stage today at Build, and demoed the process of printing a vase from a Windows 8.1 device to the MakerBot Replicator 2 which will soon be available in Microsoft Stores!

Via TechCrunch

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