Flexible materials now available at Shapeways and i.Materialise

Up until now its been virtually impossible to have parts 3D printed in a good tough flexible material. Objet, um sorry, Stratasys have offered a flexible material for a while now but its lack of tear resistance made it fairly useless for application which required flexibility which kind of defeated the purpose really. But all that is about to change. A new SLS material offered by Shapeways and i.materialise provides a flexible urethane like material which is resistant to tears, compression and moderate heat too. The material is in trail mode by both sites so you’ll need to upload your own files if you want to print it. Also shapeways are offering it in the natural white colour where as i.materialse are dying the material black. If you’ve had some parts printed in this new material let us know what you think of it via twitter @cplicious


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