Release the Artist within

The New Handmade Article is looking at the development of artists using 3D technology to produce their handmade goods. This is not only for the well established artists but for all of the scientists and technology driven minds out there.

Gone are the days that the skills of design are for the few. With the advancement of technology in all areas of creativity we all now have the tools to design, test and finally create our own artistic endeavours.

Companies like shapeways are allowing these designs to be brought to life from the page and then shaped into many forms of material. The ability to do this opens up the personalisation of so many items to suit your own personal desires as well as a larger market.



Complicated skills needed to design intricate jewellery patterns are now simplified and 3D printing techniques will no doubt influence new designs.

We have only seen the beginning of a new form of art and just  as the past has given us the early Renaissance and Cubism period are we now at the start of a new period of Art 3Dism ?


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