BotObjects to announce product specs on the first full colour FDM 3D printer on the 22nd May

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 8.34.24 PM

BotObjects claimed they have developed a technology to allow full colour parts to be printed using FDM technology back in April this year dubbed the Prodesk3D. Although they did not release any details on how they are actually doing so or show any images of the 3D Printer or Printed Parts that could all change in a few days as a few hours ago BotObjects tweeted that they will be announcing specs for these machines on the 22nd of May. We’ll be waiting and watching with a keen eye for the details.

“Our new full website will feature technical specification for the ProDesk3D and is due out on Wednesday 22nd May”

So lock it in the calendar (probably be the 23rd in Oz) and we’ll see what they disclose. Hopefully they share some images of printed parts as well as specifications.


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