Desktop SLA printing is coming with the Form1 – Now Shipping


As far as kickstarter projects go the Form1 is a project I am personally super excited about. And today they released an update saying they had just shipped their first batch of units to their backers! Like a lot of Kickstarter projects, the Form1 shipped several months after its original shipping date, but when you raise almost 30 times you original funding goal of $100,000 you can bet they had a lot more work laid out for them than they originally anticipated.

Two things separate the Form1 from existing personal 3D printers. 1) The Form1 uses SLA technology (lasers) to harden a UV curable resin so it can make super fine details parts, 2) Its had a huge amount of input from an Industrial Designer so it not only prints well, it looks the business too.

Hopefully the shipping to Australia doesn’t take to long as we’re chomping at the bit to test out our new Form1.

One of the investor in FormLabs (Bunnie Huang) has provided a detailed breakdown of the machine which you can check out here.


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