3D Printed trophies for the Super Happy Silvercan Race (Video)

Our friends who run Super Happy Drift (radio controlled drifting series) decided to take a break from going sideways to see who was fastest around the track the conventional way… Enter the Super Happy Silvercan race. For those of you not familar with the term Silver can, it refers to the bog stock 540 motor which most stock RC cars run, and its is silver in colour, hence the name silvercan. But as any good competition goes theres not point competing unless you can win a cool trophy. So Dylan from SHD designed up a sweet set of trophies for first, second and third place using Autodesk 123D and printed them out on a 3D Touch printer from PLA. Being his first time using 123D and also a 3D printer the results are pretty impressive. Check out the video after the jump for some action packed RC racing!


405956_10151688703912868_581000484_n  946928_10151692929627868_1261031263_n



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