– A new market platform for digitial manufacturing

Paul, Carmen and Noah, have just launched, a family-owned platform for digital manufacturing services based in Melbourne. Additer allows individuals and companies to search for local makers, designers and consultants and post projects on a project bidding platform. Projects can be small 3D print or fab jobs, 3D design, education based projects or consulting, or rapid prototyping for research and industry. The platform is open to everyone; private users, the education, research and not-for profit sector as well as companies.


Posting a project is free and project budgets can range from zero to ‘infinity’. They finance their website by charging a small fee (8%  or a Max of $80 USD) to the winning bid for a project. However, projects for education, research and not-for-profit organizations are exempt from this fee.

The site is currently an open beta version and they are currently collecting feedback from the community. In the first phase of the beta launch, they are engaging with companies, individual professionals as well as amateur fabbers to build an initial base of potential project providers (“makers”). The aim of this phase is to increase the attractiveness and credibility of our website, to prepare for the second phase, where we engage with potential customers as well as the media. They hope that this two-stage approach increases the chances of immediate interaction between demand and supply on their market place and yields a larger number of projects posted.

Registration, and bidding for projects is free.

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