Autodesk Inventor Fusion provides CAD on Mac OSX


Autodesk’s official release of Inventor Fusion has arrived on the App Store. And guess what…. its available for FREE! If your a PC user you can also download a copy from their website however its only good until April 2013 when use expires… Considering Inventor retails for over $7,000 it might be a good time to buy a Mac?. Inventor Fusion looks to be another cut down version of Autodesks Flag Ship Parametrtic modelling software Inventor, but from what weve seen it looks pretty darn good.

Autodesk are releasing some pretty neat products lately and its great to see them supporting both PC and Mac operating systems. It’s a shame Dassault haven’t followed suit with something like this for Solidworks Users. Moves like this from Autodesk might be just whats required to get CAD users to jump ship! If your looking for a great 3D CAD tool its hard to go past Invetor Fusion… especially when its FREE for those of us on a Mac!

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