New 3D Printer by Code-p the Builder

The Builder 3D Printer was not designed by students or any small company but by Code-p a company with 10 years experience in mechatronics. The Engineers at Code-p are still fine-tuning this brand new 3D Printer but they are hoping to officially introduce and showcase the Builder with dual extruder at their stand at Rapidpro- Congress in February, in Eindhoven the Nevtherlands.

“In spite of the recent recession the company is thriving, not firing but hiring and investing in both employees and machinery.”

Says Ingmar van Riel Code-p Sales and Marketing. They are also looking to distribute in Australia and New zealand.The Builder will cost around 1,195 Euro. If you can read Dutch and want more information check out their website

Builder_Red_001-300x300 Builder_Black_001-300x300Builder_White_001-300x300

The Builder comes in three colours –

Red, Black and Metallic Bronze

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