3D Printed Sex Toys? – It was only a matter of time.

Printable Sex ToysMakerLove are now providing free sex toy designs for your Maker Device / 3D printer.

This technology now allows you to avoid the traditional embarrassment faced when heading down to your local Adult Shop to buy a sex toy. MakerLove gives you the ability to print the sex toy of your choice in the comfort of our own home, if you have the luxury of having a 3D printer around the house. It is a simple process download the free design of your choice from www.makerlove.com, print the design using your 3D printer, then purchase the $10.99 vibrating bullet compatible with the designs from http://www.vibrators.com/high-intensity-bullet.html. Only problem being that not everyone can afford to purchase a 3D printer and if you have to purchase the bullet online anyway why would you not just buy the sex toy of your choice while your at it and skip the whole printing process.



3D printed sex toys


MakerLove’s corporate vision is “Technology Overcomes Embarrassment”

– VCR’s – Allow people to watch porn privately
– Pay by minute phone lines – Gave birth to the phone sex industry.
– Internet Shopping – Allowed my company to flourish and sales of sex toys.
– Internet Video – Allowed people to watch porn for free.
– eReaders – Allow people to read books without other people being able to see the cover – Fifty Shades of Grey et.
– Makers -provide print out sex toys

Enter the MakerLove.com contest send in your printable sex toy design-

They want enticing sex toys designs that will be pleasurable for visitors to print out and use. Particularly designs that can be made to vibrate. Essentially, your design will be for a dildo and customers will be encourage to visit Vibrators.com to order the vibrator motor to turn it into a vibe. We have chosen one particular vibrator for this project. You will need to put a 18mm diameter by 60mm deep hole in your toy to accommodate the bullet.

File type: .stl

Product maximum size: 225 x145 x150 millimeters or 8.9 x 5.7 x 5.9 inches (The Makerbot Replicator prints this size objects)

Colors: One (for now)
Software you should use for the design: Anything that will export an .stl file.
Design Material: ABS Plastic

Bullet Hole Dimensions: The bullet hole should round and 18mm in diameter and 60mm in depth.

Payment: Designs that we use and publish will be paid $50 per design. Designs without an accommodation for the bullet vibrator that we sell will be paid $25.

sex toys 3D printed
first realistic dildo allows people to scale and print a dildo in the exact size they desire

3D printed sex toys

Some people like their sex toys cute and cuddly and this is a cute as they get


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