Makerbot announce Replicator 2X at CES 2013

The release of the Makerbot Replicator 2 back in September 2012, was in some peoples view a side step for Makerbot. The machine only had one extruder, was designed to work with PLA only and they even removed the heated build platform. Some would say it was a simplified product for people who were just getting into 3D Printing but had very limited knowledge or experience with the technology, and you would be right, however a lot of existing makerbot customers would have been pretty disappointed with the product based on past experience.

The Replicator 2X, where the X is for experimental, announced at CES 2013 may be the machine to put them back on track. It has two extruders, supports ABS and PLA, has a heated print bed and is aimed squarely at the tinkers and back yard engineers mainly due to the increased difficulty in printing with ABS and dual materials.

The machines have an 8 week lead time so you’ll be waiting a while to get your hands on them but if the Replicator 2X takes your fancy then head on over to


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