3D printing saves the day…and my dinner!

Recently the range hood in my Kitchen broke away from its mounts, not really sure how as it happened as I wasn’t around when it broke, but it needed to be fixed as I had dinner to cook! A quick inspection at the mounting design and it was obvious there was no easy fix as the plastic plates that allow the range hood to be screwed to the cupboard had broken into many piece and could not be glued back together. Never fear, I can just print out some new ones! A quick measure up with the callipers and a 5 minute modelling job on Solidworks and I had some replacement parts ready to be printed out! I exported the CAD model from Solidworks as an STL and processed it using the new Beta version of Axon 3.0. The print files was transferred via a USB stick to the BFB Touch 3D printer and an hour latter I had four 3d printed replacement mounts ready to slot into the range hood so I could screw it back into place. Ah the joys of having a 3D Printer. More Photos after the jump. 



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