Mojo 3D Printer Ensures Reliability Through New Modelling Technology

Stratasys has announced it latest product innovation – the Mojo 3D Print Pack. The Mojo 3D Print Pack boasts being the market’s cheapest, professional level, complete 3D printing system. The pack contains not just the printer, but also material and a support removal system.

Mojo Print Pack Kit

The Mojo Printer produces a model through a variation on traditional FDM material extrusion. The ABS material spool and the print head are combined into a single package. To ensure optimal reliability, a new print head is included in each material change. The beauty of the Mojo 3D Printer is that being a desktop printer, no training is required to set up or to run the printer. Just as with 2D printers, the settings dashboard for the Mojo printer lies in the computer not the printer itself. Mojo’s print software, Print Wizard aids the user in managing his workload. The printer also holds a self-contained, hands free cleaning system. The Mojo Printer has a layer resolution which was previously only available in the Dimension Elite and Fortus Production 3D Printer line.

Mojo Engineer

Todd Grimm, president of rapid prototyping consulting firm T.A Grimm and Associates describes the mojo 3D printer as being in a league of its own. He says that “for the serious designer or engineer, Mojo is the lowest priced product that offers professional-quality output, comes as a complete package system, and uses industrial-grade thermoplastic materials. I expect this will be of interest not just to engineers and educators, but entrepreneurs and independent designers as well.”

More information about the kit can be found from its Australian reseller – Tasman Machinery.

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