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Ponoko Logo Ponoko is the an awesome new system for making things which incorporates everyone .Ponoko allows you to sell designs online, buy designs online and even make things online.

For example if your a punter who wants to get in 3D printing for example, then you can without even having a 3D Printing machine. Also if you wish to purchase a cool design but don’t have the time or the smarts to come up with your own you can buy others designs from Ponoko.  BUT the coolest thing I think is that because the manufacturing is community based the products are produced locally by the closest supplier to you, let me break this down.

Jane in Australia falls in love with a lamp design by Sven in Sweden, now in the past Sven would have been manufacturing his 3D Printed and Laser cut lamps in Sweden and a massive jet would have to fly it 20,000+ km from Sven’s manufacturer in Sweden to Jane’s house in Australia. Enter the new digital era and Ponoko. Now with Ponoko Jane can still buy Sven’s lamp, but when she purchases it on Ponoko Sven gets paid by Ponoko and then the design is emailed to a Ponoko manufacturing partner just down the road from Jane, they build the lamp locally on their 3D Printer and Laser cutter, put the Lamp in the basket on the front of their push bike and deliver the lamp to a happy Jane. How awesome is that?


Read on for some more of Ponoko’s  visual explanations.

Making things with Ponoko

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