V-Flash 3D Printer

v flash logoThe V-Flash 3D Printer is a powerful easy to use 3D printing solution.  The V-Flash is bringing the rapid back into the “rapid prototyping” industry. Unlike other competitive 3D printing Systems the V-Flash doesn’t get slowed down producing multiple part at the one time.

The overall size of the V-Flash is 660mm X 685mm and has a light weight of just 66 kg, the V-Flash Desktop Modeller can be easily placed in workspaces, office or even a home.  With a generous working area of 230mm x 170mm x 200mm,  the V-Flash has the capacity to produce a large range of product parts and sizes.   Installation is as breeze and will have any business set up and pumping out parts in minutes.

How the V-Flash 3D Printer works


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