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Desktop Factory LogoThe highly anticipated Desktop Factory is coming. The Desktop Factory by 3D Systems aims to be the most affordable 3D printer on the market.  The Desktop Factory 3D printer comes with it’s own proprietary software which is able to import STL files along with other 3D printer formats. The software will then automatically slice and orientate the part for the very best build quality possible including any support structures that may be required.

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Desktop Factory 3D printer next to laptop

The Desktop Factory 3D printer has an overall size of 635mm x 510mm x 510mm and weighs less than 41 kg’s. The maximum working area of the initial product will be 127mm x 127mm x 127mm. The parts are printed in layers and each layer has a thickness of 0.25mm.

Printer on desk top

The Desktop Factory really will be just that!!

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